Reclaiming Our Game, Now!

On Thursday 9th February 2017 a few parliamentarians had a chat in the House of Commons in Westminster and passed a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the FA. WE THE PEOPLE have had no confidence in the FA for years.

It’s a positive move but it’s too little too late.

This potential for change (and that is all it is at the moment) is the result of continued and dogged lobbying from football supporters and supporters groups such as the FSF and SD. Supporter Representatives from some of England’s greatest and finest institutions such as Blackburn Rovers FC, Blackpool FC, Charlton Athletic FC, Coventry City, Everton FC, Exeter City, Liverpool FC, FC United, Leyton Orient FC, Morecambe FC, Portsmouth FC, Southport FC have all spent a lot of their valuable time energy encouraging their elected ‘representatives’ to help force create regime change.

Rather than let a loose coalition of parliamentarians and FA bureaucrats decide what is best for us, our families and our game it is now time that we decided what is going to happen. It’s appalling that the FA has allowed some of the most unsuitable human beings wantonly neglect and destroy some of our fine clubs.

Their belated acknowledgement and ‘enquiry’ into child abuse was for many was the last straw but as we are reasonable people we have awaited the FA report on reform.

The FA, the FL and that joke of a body which calls itself ‘The Footballing Ombudsman’ all need to go. If they do not resign and relinquish power we will take it from them.

Join us in THE PEOPLES MARCH ON WEMBLEY 2017. All clubs from ALL levels of our beautiful game need to be represented. That’s from the money rich Premier League, the uninspiring and non-progressive Football League right through the non-leagues to all local Saturday and Sunday teams from this green and pleasant land. Any non-political civil liberties groups are also welcome to join us and show solidarity.